Using P90X2 to Train for Tough Mudder

Tough MudderI’m going to do P90X2 to train for my Tough Mudder Race.

My Wisconsin Tough Mudder Race is the weekend of September 8-9th.  That gives me enough time to complete two 90 Day rounds of training.

My first Round will be straight P90X2 and is starting today, 1/23/2012.

Round 2 will be a P90X2 and Insanity Asylum Hybrid.

I’ll also have to incorporate running into my training.  Since I’m not much of a runner, I’ll have to research this a little to see how to incorporate it into my routine.

Diet is going to be huge for me.  I need to build up my strength considerably.

I’m pretty confident that P90X2 will get me ready for the race.  All the balance and functional exercises seem ideally suited for Tough Mudder Training.

Anyone else training for a tough mudder?  Done one in the past?



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About Coach Jeff Witt

Jeff Witt is a Personal Trainer, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, is a P90X Qualified Fitness Instructor and a health and fitness writer. As a former Couch Potato himself, he inspires others to put down the TV Remove and starting living a healthy and fulfilling life.

5 Responses to “Using P90X2 to Train for Tough Mudder”

  1. I’ve done it a couple times. When you say running, trail running is the best. Flat land or treadmill running a waste of time. Also, mix in some steep hill and try to sprint up them to build your legs and lungs.

    Pull-ups and chin-ups help for most of the events but I’m guessing px90 have you covered there.

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  3. Ive heard pullup strength is really important.

  4. I’m signed up for the Tough Mudder in KY in October. Right now I’m mostly running and strength training, but want to try to get some more TM specific strength training, esp. upper body.

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