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P90X2 Review | Getting into the Rhythm after 2 rounds of P90X

P90X2 Review | Getting into the Rhythm after 2 rounds of P90X Review of my First Round of P90X2: I can remember Pre-Ordering P90X2 way back in the fall of 2011.  Hard to believe I’m sitting here writing a review of P90X2 and its spring.  How time flies. This probably isn’t your typical review of [...]

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REVIEW: Beachbody’s P90X iPhone App

App Review (From a huge P90X fan, see disclaimer near bottom of review) Details Available Now in iTunes Price: $4.99 (Plus in app purchases available but not required.  See below) Version 1.0 Size 19.1MB App Features Schedule / Calendar Schedule your workouts ahead of time, and receive reminders of what workouts to perform on each [...]

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P90X iPhone App is Here! (Finally!)

All, I have to say is… Better late than Never!  My team and I have been anxiously waiting for the app to drop since they announced it at Summit this spring.  I’m glad to finally get my hands on it. I downloaded the app yesterday from iTunes for $4.99. I played with it a little [...]

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Does P90X Really Bring It?

American Council on Exercise (ACE) puts P90X to the Test. University of Wisconsin Official Study

The Bottom Line “There’s no doubt that if people want to get into shape, the best way to do it is with high intensity, interval-training like you’re seeing here with P90X,” says Dr. Porcari. Download the whole article in PDF format.  American Council on Exercise study of P90X, University of Wisconsin What do you think? [...]

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Shakeology® and P90X®: How does Shakeology work into the P90X Nutrition Plan?

By Steve Edwards The whole Beachbody® community is buzzing about Shakeology and all the great health benefits it provides. Now Steve Edwards answers your questions about how best to incorporate Shakeology into your P90X regimen. Can Shakeology replace one of my meals in the P90X nutrition plan? I’d hope so, given that it’s a meal replacement shake! But seriously, Xers [...]

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