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Shakeology® and P90X®: How does Shakeology work into the P90X Nutrition Plan?

By Steve Edwards The whole Beachbody® community is buzzing about Shakeology and all the great health benefits it provides. Now Steve Edwards answers your questions about how best to incorporate Shakeology into your P90X regimen. Can Shakeology replace one of my meals in the P90X nutrition plan? I’d hope so, given that it’s a meal replacement shake! But seriously, Xers … Continue reading »

Starting P90X: 10 Easy Steps to Get Started Right

P90X Bring It! Connect with your Coach through teambeachbody.com.  They are there to help.  Don’t have one?  Sign up here.  It’s FREE.  Just click Join, and I’ll be your Coach. Find friends on the teambeachbody.com message boards.  Misery loves company. Get a good mat.  Your knees and back will thank you. Get the bands or buy at least one set … Continue reading »

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