Rowing Machine Workout for Women 

Why Exercise is Important for Women

Regular exercise is good for everyone. It helps improve overall health, both physical and mental. Most of the benefits of exercise apply to both men and women, however, women need more exercise than men. For example, women who give birth go through more hormonal changes and are more likely to suffer from gaining weight, joint discomfort and post-pregnancy depression. Women are also less keep on strength training compared to men and therefore are often lacking in muscle mass. This means lower metabolism, bad posture and weaker muscles around the joints. This makes for a greater case for women do consider adding exercise into their schedule. The rowing machine provides the practicality and intensity needed for a good exercise facility.

Woman exercising on an affordable rowing machine

Proper Technique for Rowing

It is important to address the proper rowing technique because only with proper form can all the benefits of rowing be achieved. You need to make sure your back is straight and you are not swinging back and forth. The legs should not be fully locked in the straight position, this can injure your knees. The knees need to be always loose and never locked. This means you should only extend back as far as the knees are not locked. Going forward, you can go as far forward as your body allows without losing form. The arms should stay close to the torso as much as possible and not extend further back. The neck and shoulders need to be aligned. The feet should be locked in the straps but not too tight. 

It is important to divide the loan between your back, arms and legs so that you get a balanced workout and no single body part is overexerted. If you follow these basic principles you will activate the right muscles, be able to do rowing for a longer period and avoid injuries.  

Great for Calorie Burning

The amount of calories burnt depends on the weight of the individual and also on the intensity of doing the exercise, however, generally rowing machine allows for you to burn 100-200 calories in just 10 minutes at a moderate pace. Rowing allows for HIIT or LISS training, making it a very versatile machine. The idea behind any weight loss program is to create a calorie deficit. For most people, their busy schedule doesn’t allow for a long duration of cardio in a day. The rowing machine provides the intensity that can allow for a great number of calories burnt in a short period. 

Rowing Exercise Improves Bone Health

Women are more prone to osteoporosis than men. Bones are living tissue and just like muscles, they get stronger and more dense with regular exercise. Rowing can also help stabilize the bone structure by strengthening the ligaments and tendons around the bones. When people lose weight they also lose some bone. Having a low body weight means a higher risk of bone issues and fractures. A good weight-bearing exercise such as rowing combined a balanced diet including calcium can greatly improve bone health. 

Exercise for the Full Body

The movement of rowing is using several muscles. It is using your back muscles to pull-back movement. It is using the quadriceps and hamstrings to push from the feet. The forearms, biceps and abdominal muscles are also used in the movement. Unlike other cardio machines such as treadmills, rowing machines gives the benefit of cardio and strength training combined in one exercise. 

Builds Strength

Rowing machines typically allow for adjustable resistance which means you can increase your muscle strength by rowing. This also means you can increase your muscle size and endurance. For outdoor rowers, the indoor rowing machine is great to improve posture, build strength and increase stamina. The higher muscle mass has long-term benefits such as increased resting metabolism. As the added muscle mass increases the weight, it also increases the maintenance calorie intake per day. This means you can consume more calories a day without gaining weight. 

Heart and Lungs

Rowing allows for the heart and lungs to get a good workout. Rowing has shown to improve the efficiency of lungs as the most oxygen hungry muscle groups, the legs, arms, and torso are all used in the movement of rowing. It has also shown to decrease the blood pressure which is great for the heart and other organs. 

Rowing Machines Provide Low-Risk Exercise

If done properly, rowing exercise is extremely safe. There is very little impact and the muscles and joints are not stretched to their limits. It is important to note that proper form is needed. It is a great option for those suffering from joint pains or arthritis. The low risk also allows for a longer duration of the exercise. You want to push your cardiovascular capacity to the maximum and not stop because your joins are muscles or joints are hurting. 

Improved Posture

By using proper technique in rowing, you can improve your posture. Women are generally weaker in the upper body, which means they are prone to even worse posture than men. When you do rowing, you are pulling in an upright position. Not only does this build stabilizer muscles good for posture but it also offers muscle memory to continue this upright form even when not using the rowing machine. For those who are hunched over the desk for their job, this is a great reminder to the body that you should sit upright with your shoulders and neck aligned with each other. 

High Intensity Rowing Increase Fat Loss

Any cardiovascular exercise combined with a good nutrition plan can help with weight loss. Rowing has a specific advantage is that it allows for explosive movement when you pull back meaning this allows for more calorie-burning along with using all the muscles in the abs, legs, back, and arms to help tone the body. The high intensity allows for a high range of calories burnt compared to a lot of other exercises. 

Mental Health

Rowing as a cardiovascular and muscle building exercise has great benefits for the mind. It helps release endorphins and increase serotonin that has shown to increase happiness, boost mood and reduce depression. The rhythm and stokes allow for a feel-good factor. Exercise has also shown to improve memory and concentration. Studies have shown exercise to be extremely beneficial to sleep which a critical part of recovery. Some fat loss programs have rated the importance of sleep as high as exercising.  

Compact Rowers Are Practical for Home Use

Rowing machines are affordable and do not require too much space relative to the number of muscles is using and cardiovascular use. The explosive movements of rowing allow the user to keep engaged and not feel bored compared to the monotonous treadmill or elliptical which can get pretty boring. Another great benefit of the rowing machine is that it can be used by a novice or a professional because it allows for a range of intensity levels. You can dial up the resistance anytime you want to challenge yourself. You can see how our affordable rowing machines compare on

You must consider getting a rowing machine at home or using it at the gym to achieve the numerous benefits of rowing listed above. But you don’t have to spend a fortune for it.

Keep in mind to keep proper technique when rowing, getting warmed up before starting and listening to your body when it needs rest. You need to just take the initiative to start, even if it is for a few minutes a day, to begin with. Gradually, your stamina and strength will increase. The key is consistency. Get on a rowing machine and let it benefit you. 

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