REVIEW: Beachbody’s P90X iPhone App

App Review (From a huge P90X fan, see disclaimer near bottom of review)


  • Available Now in iTunes
  • Price: $4.99 (Plus in app purchases available but not required.  See below)
  • Version 1.0
  • Size 19.1MB

App Features

  • Schedule / Calendar
    • Schedule your workouts ahead of time, and receive reminders of what workouts to perform on each day.  Different Schedules available for P90X Classic, Lean and Doubles.
    • Schedule your own workouts like Running, Walking, Swimming, etc.
  • Synchronization with your Team Beachbody Account
    • This is a particularly nice feature, but does require a Team Beachbody account.  You can get one for FREE by following this link.  (Tip:  It’s easier to set up your account on a computer than from the app.)
    • All your workouts are from the App are logged into the WOWY SuperGym on Team Beachbody.
  • Data Entry and Reporting
    • As you perform your workouts, you log in your Rep and Weight information for each exercise.
    • Reports and graphs are available to help keep you motivated.
  • Achievement Badges
    • Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?  As you complete certain milestones in the app, you’ll receive Badges which you can share on your social media accounts.
  • Guided Workouts (AbRipper X and Fit Test are free, but all the workouts are available for $59.99)
    • Want to do P90X anywhere?  The Gym, the Hotel, the Office?  Guided workouts step you through each of the workouts without the need for DVD’s or a TV.
    • Great for taking P90X with you.
  • Nutrition Tracking
    • Monitor your nutrition with the tracker.  Taken right out of the P90X Nutrition guide.

Review  (Warning!!! My opinion is below)

“A must buy for the P90X fans!”  – Crystal2413

While I agree with Crystal that this is a must have for any P90X fan; I think people also have to realize that this is Beachbody’s first go at a Mobile App.  I’ve seen many large successful companies stumble on their first foray into mobile computing.  (Ask me about my Charles Schwab experience with their first app.  Wow, did they blow it!)

My opinion is that Beachbody did a very good job with their first iteration of this app.  Here’s my likes and dislikes


  • No errors
    • I’ve been using it for a week, and it hasn’t crashed yet.
  • Nice look at feel
  • Nice integration with my Team Beachbody account
  • Videos and Workout Tracking work well.
  • Nutrition Tracking is interesting, but I will have to revisit the P90X Nutrition plan to really get the value out of it.
  • Reporting and graphs are excellent


  • Price
    • $4.99 for the app, plus you have to spend $59.99 to get the guided workouts (if you have a need for doing P90X away from your TV/DVD player.)
  • Navigation
    • In some places, the navigation isn’t exactly intuitive.
  • Schedule flexibility
    • There isn’t a lot of flexibility in the schedule.  Although, this some problem exists in the WOWY SuperGym too.  Would be nice to be able to easily re-arrange workouts.
  • Other Programs
    • I’m currently doing a P90X and Insanity hybrid.  Unfortunately I can’t track my Insanity workouts with this app.  I can however, log my workout as an “other” type of workout.


Is it worth it?  In my opinion, yes.  I will use it every day to log the details of my strength workouts.  I can also see myself using the Nutrition Tracking.

When I’m on the road, I do think I will use the Guided Workouts too.  Although, I’m not thrilled about paying the $59.99.  But, I supposed if it keeps me on track with my workouts, then it’s a small price to pay.

Now that the app is live and the public has gotten its hands on it; I’m looking forward to seeing the next review.  I hope Beachbody takes some of the comments and criticism and improves the app.  I think they did a great job with their first app.  I look forward to additional improvements and more apps from them.

Keep Pushing Play everyone! 

Disclaimer:  I am a huge P90X fan, and Independent Beachbody Coach.  Does that mean my review has no merit?  Maybe, but I hope not.  I tried to be objective in my review, and I hope you got some value from my observations.  Do I use affiliate links?  Yes, I do.  After all, I do have to provide for my family.  Just because I have a financial interest in these products and services, doesn’t mean they aren’t great products.  It’s just my job to recommend things I like.  My goal is to provide Value, Value, Value!

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About Coach Jeff Witt

Jeff Witt is a Fitness and Nutrition Coach, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, is a P90X Qualified Fitness Coach and a health and fitness blogger. As a former Couch Potato himself, he inspires others to put down the TV Remote and start living a healthy and fulfilling life.

7 Responses to “REVIEW: Beachbody’s P90X iPhone App”

  1. Hi Jeff-
    I just started using the p90x iphone app and discovered an issue. Maybe it’s my settings but I’d like to get some clarification from you as it’s a little difficult to find conversations online regarding this issue:

    I started my music on my iphone (pandora) then launched the p90x app to start the arms and shoulders workout. Within 2 minutes or so, the app seems to stop. It doesn’t crash, it just requires me to hit the play button again. Anyway, as you can imagine, this is a pretty inconvenient issue. Is this an issue that can be fixed or is it just me? I did see that one of the final great features of this app is that you can play your ipod’s music in the background and Tony’s cues come in and out fading the music then bringing it back to it’s regular volume but I just can’t seem to get it to do that.

    help..because I love this program and would like to use it on my phone.

    Thanks for any info Jeff,

    • Hi Leslie!

      I tried to recreate you issue with the P90X app and Pandora. I couldn’t get mind to behave the what you’re describing. Something that has occasionally worked for me is “deleting” the misbehaving app, and re-installing it. Who know… sometimes it works. :)

      If that doesn’t help, I’d encourage you to contact Beachbody Technical Support by using this email address…

      Good luck! I hope this helps.


  2. Hi I live outside the US and I’m not able to purchase this app. What’s up with that.

  3. Does anyone know how much memory is needed to down load all of the work outs to the app?

  4. I am using P90x and for Iphone 4s os 5.1 It’s crashing a lot. Do you guys have any solution for it?

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